Ventrilo Downtimes, End in Sight

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    As I'm sure you've all noticed, there's been some frequent, and obnoxious downtimes for the Ventrilo server recently. It most certainly hasn't gone unnoticed, and I've been working with our provider to find a fix for the issue.

    The cause of all the outages has been DDoS (childish hacker(s)) targetting a different server at the same physical location of ours.

    I was talking to our provider about moving the location of our server to get us away from the problem, but they've come up with another solution: "We apologize for the problems and want to get this resolved now and will be moving that customer [the target of the DDoS] to their own IP so it stops effecting our other customers."

    I'm really sorry for all the downtimes, and I want to let everyone who uses the server know that I'm well aware of this problem, and going to get a fix as soon as possible, even if it means switching server locations or providers.


Discussion in 'GamerApoc News' started by YaoYaoYiffy, Sep 14, 2013.

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